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Enter if you dare into a world of monstrous, mythical and magical creatures. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCARY THINGS is the ultimate illustrated guide to everything that sends shivers down your spine. Venture into a forest to hear the cry of the Werewolf at full moon. Pass by the murky swamp where the Grindylow with its long, slimy fingers lies in wait to drag you beneath the water. Look up to the skies to glimpse the reptilian winged Wygern, hunting with its poisonous breath. Topics in this deluxe, richly illustrated book include: Poltergeist; Bogeyman; Krampus; Banshee; Windigo; Goatman; Cornish Owlman; Grendle; Mokele-Mbembe; Manticore; Lizard Man; Buru Buru; Minhocao; Tazelwurm; Bigfoot; Yeti; Troll; Ogre; Gargoyle; Vampire; Zombie; Dokkaebi; Necromancer; Screaming Skull; Cerberus; Dark Dwarf; Flathead Lake Monster; Champ; Beast of Busco; Ogopogo; Devil’s Footprints; Huitzotl; Catoblepas; Bunyip; Nix; Kraken; Mothman; Hippogriff; Thunderbird; Wyvern; Maori Bird Woman; Strix; Chimera; Yowie; Mongolian Death Worm; Tupilak; Voodoo; Evil Eye; tons more. Beautiful, all color book, imported from Britain. Lots of unique illustrations.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCARY THINGS: Enter If You Dare by Barbara Cox and Scott Forbes. 192 Pages. 8x11 Hardback. Illustrated. All Color. Index.

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