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At age 27, L. Ron Hubbard clinically 'died' only to discover that he could remote view. From this state of consciousness, which would later be called 'exterior,' he was able to access what he termed the answers to all of the questions that had ever puzzled philosophers or the minds of men. Transcribing this information into a work entitled Excalibur, which is still under lock and key to this day, he developed one of the most controversial movements in history: Dianetics and Scientology. The truth and import of the above can only be evaluated by the all out war which was waged by governmental forces and spy agencies to obtain the legally construed rights to the above mentioned work and all of the developments and techniques that ensued from it. THE MONTAUK BOOK OF THE DEAD is the personal story of Peter Moon which not only pierces the mystery of death but gives an unbiased behind-the-scenes look at one of the most controversial figures in history and the bizarre legacy of his death. Read this book and expect to learn more than you ever thought possible. Chapters include: In Deaths Grip; Death Karma; Dianetics and Scientology; The Mystery Principle; A Billion Year Contract; The Apollo; Who de Buddha?; The Lessons of Power; The Zoo Factor; Suppression; Remote View; The Tower; The Vacuum; The Mole Factor; The Empire Strikes Back; The Tar Baby Speaks; The Domain of Pluto; Montauk Echo; The Moors Gate; The Mars Gate; The Ali Shuffle; The Tone Scale; The Black Virgin; more.
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