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He covers the 130-year history of attempts to control the weather: from
the rain makers of the 1890s, to the development of modern cloud seeding techniques in the 1940s, to the use of weather as a weapon during the Viet Nam War. The furor over clandestine cloud seeding over the Ho Chi Min Trail lead to a United Nations treaty banning the use of weather asa weapon. Prior to becoming signatory to that treaty in 1978 the US Federal government was spending between $40 million and $140 million per year developing this technology, then after 1978 federal allocations dropped to zero -- did Uncle Sam abandon this research, or did the whole program go "black"? Smith explains how the US federal government hides its current interest in weather modification through passing it to unaccountable civilian contractors and by calling it something else -- in the case of HAARP, the little-known High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, they call it "ionospheric enhancement." Is HAARP a Tesla beam weapon, a weathercontrol device, a mind control device -- or all of the above? This giant antenna array, now the world's largest radio broadcasting facility with an effective radiated power of 3.6 million watts, has the ability to send extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves (at the same frequency that the human brain works at!) deep into the earth and sea. The US Navy has been using HAARP to communicate with deeply submerged submarines for15 years. This technology, probably a ground-based "Star Wars" weapons system, has far-reaching implications for humanity. Jane's Defense Weekly and the Russian parliament, among many others, have declared HAARP to be a weapons system! All our DVDs are Valid in All Regions and All Countries!

HAARP, Weather Warfare and Chemtrails DVD With Jerry E. Smith in Conference. 90 minutes. DVD in Box.

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