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ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD: A New Interpretation
ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD: A New Interpretation

Charles Pfund brings us his fifteen years of research and study on Atlantis, Ice Age religions, the Nefilim and ancient cataclysms in this prelude to his Antediluvian World: Shadows of the Fallen. Using over a dozen different scholarly translations and interpretations of Plato’s Timaeus and Critias—the texts that described the lost civilization of Atlantis, a completely new singular interpretation of Plato's Atlantis story has been made. Included with this new interpretation, are the latest discoveries that have been made about the pre-flood (Antediluvian) world. Along with this new interpretation, the author will explain how ancient artifacts kept in the British Museum, as well as the Louvre, have been discovered to actually be representations (maps) of the place Plato called Atlantis. From 2006 to the present, nearly every major University has been contacted about this discovery. Coincidentally, in 2011 Rutgers University along with sixteen other government agencies, participated in an expedition to survey the Atlantic Ocean. This survey used underwater Navy drones which passed over the exact area identified by the author as being the remains of the island of Atlantis, and its capital city. Was it just a survey of “Atlantic currents” as a New York Times article reported, or was it something more? If they found anything, they aren't saying! However, the author of this work has an incredible theory as to what the drones actually passed over! Tons of illustrations. 

ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD: A New Interpretation Of Plato’s Writings on Atlantis By Charles D. Pfund. 220 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index.

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