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Sharing extensive new evidence and cutting-edge research that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built as an energy-harvesting machine, Christopher Dunn details how the ancient Egyptians were generating clean power for their civilization and reveals how the pyramid builders and the great inventor Nikola Tesla were drawing from the same universal knowledge. Looking at each part of the Great Pyramid, from the internal chambers to its massive stone blocks to the pyramidion on top, Dunn reveals how the pyramids in Egypt served to stimulate the release and collection of electrons in the Earth’s crust by harmonizing seismic energy while also attenuating the accumulating stresses. Drawing on exhaustive ongoing research by NASA scientists into the phenomenon known as “earthquake lights,” the author shows how the pyramid builders were inspired by this phenomenon and learned to stress igneous rocks similar to tectonic plate movement in order to harvest the resulting electron flow, which also enabled the pyramids to mitigate any impending earthquakes. He looks in depth at recent research that supports the pyramid energy theory, including new explorations of the shafts of the Queen’s Chamber, Russian research on how the Great Pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy, and analysis of the scorch marks on the ceiling of the Grand Gallery, which supports the King’s Chamber explosion hypothesis. He also examines the stunning significance of the large void above the Grand Gallery discovered in 2017. Analyzing the results of extensive acoustic testing and measurements related to specific frequencies within the Great Pyramid, Dunn looks at the vibration and frequency rates found at ancient sacred sites and shows how the pyramids were tuned to the Earth’s frequency. He also includes multiple technical appendices written by experts. While the pyramids’ sophisticated energy-harvesting abilities are now in disarray and disuse, some remnants of their technologies are still there, waiting to be rediscovered and provide our civilization with an abundance of non-polluting power.  

GIZA: THE TESLA CONNECTION, Acoustical Science and the Harvesting of Clean Energy By Christopher Dunn. 360 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Color Section. Bibliography.

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