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In ROBOT VS THE AZTEC MUMMY (1959) a mad doctor builds a robot in order to steal a valuable Aztec treasure from a tomb guarded by a centuries-old living mummy. One of the most under-appreciated gems in b-horror cinema, and with an eccentric character rarely achieved in Hollywood productions. This low budget affair looks slicker than its budget: you have a robot possessing a human brain, a mad scientist, his wife who had been an Aztec princess in another life and a mummy that is a grotesque, flesh-dripping zombie. In ATTACK OF THE MAYAN MUMMY (1964), the reincarnated Aztec princess returns when a partner of the Cowan Research Center in Pasadena, Dr. Frederick Munson, learns of a secret project at the institute by Dr. Redding involving the use of hypnosis to regress subjects to past lives, which information Munson passes along to a friend, Dr. John Janney. To a newspaper editor-friend, Munson relates what happened next in a series of flashbacks: through the hypnotic regression, Ann Taylor was able to find hidden chambers of treasure in the Great Pyramid of Yucatan. The treasure was guarded by a living mummy, which killed Redding but was captured and brought back to Pasadena by Redding's assistants. As Munson conspired to regain control of the Cowan Institute, Janney plotted to steal the mummy and learn its secrets. A hired thief locates the mummy, but it escapes him, and makes for the home of Ann Taylor... Includes great Mexican Horror trailers and commercials.

RETRO DRIVE-IN MEXICAN HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE Robot Vs the Aztec Mummy and Attack of the Mayan Mummy. 146 Minutes. DVD in Box. Trailers and Commercials. 

Price: $16.95
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