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The Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and King David are still household names in much of the Western and Middle Eastern world, so how is it possible that all of these influential monarchs are completely missing from the archaeological record? The reality of this omission has perplexed theologians and historians alike for centuries, but maverick Ralph Ellis, author of Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs and Tempest & Exodus, has rediscovered their lost tombs and sarcophagi. The reason that Ralph has succeeded where generations of archaeologists have failed is that the latter were looking in the wrong location—surprisingly enough, the tombs of these monarchs are not to be found in either Israel, Ethiopia or Yemen. In this revolutionary work, Ralph Ellis explores the true historical identities of many of the Bible’s most famous characters, and delivers color photos of their tombs and sarcophagi. Join Ralph in a tour of Biblical history that at last contains real events, real lives and real people. The kings of the United Monarchy have been lifted out of the world of myth and mystery and we can now see the minutiae of their daily lives: the clothes and jewellery that they wore, the crockery that they ate from, and the weapons that they fought with. But perhaps the biggest revelation is that this same window on Biblical history also shows us dramatic evidence of the political and theological life of this era: the city that King David founded, the temple that King Solomon built, the mines that underpinned King Solomon’s wealth and the identities of the gods that these kings worshipped. While the discovery of the tombs of King Solomon, King David, Hiram Abif and the Queen of Sheba may in itself be a startling and dramatic revelation, the precise historical identities of these monarchs serves to completely rewrite the whole of the Biblical Old Testament and much of our secular history, too. In short, history was not as we know it...

SOLOMON: FALCON OF SHEBA: The Tomb and Image of the Queen of Sheba Discovered, by Ralph Ellis. 360 pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated, color section, and bibliography.

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