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Author, photographer, and cartographer Brad Olsen reveals the many spiritual sites that abound in North America. These sacred sites are substantiated from the historical perspective of cultural diffusion and updated with the latest academic theories. Loaded with facts, photos and maps, this is a must for every North American explorer. Learn the meaning behind prehistoric New England stone buildings, earthen mound complexes in the Midwest and South, Canadian medicine wheels and the weathered pueblos of the American Southwest. This comprehensive travel guide to the continents most dynamic sites--including many lesser-known locales-- takes the reader on a revealing pilgrimage from coast to coast. Discover the roots of the Civil Rights movement, several modern pilgrimage locations in North America, or Native American vision quest sites. History comes alive in Sacred Places North America--the most complete volume of spiritual destinations in print. --Who were the first Europeans in North America: the Vikings, Celts, or ancient Phoenicians? --Why did Native Americans revere certain mountains? --Where are the most frequent sightings of Bigfoot and UFOs? --Why does attendance at Graceland increase every year? --Which off-the-beaten-track Christian sites still attract thousands of annual visitors? --Where do people of the New Age movement convene to experience Earth energy? --How did certain prehistoric civilizations mark--in stone--seasonal equinoxes and solstices? --You can choose to take an armchair pilgrimage (the book is a fascinating read) or follow his tips on how to travel to these powerful sitesyourself. Reawaken the ancient memory! SACRED PLACES OF NORTH AMERICA is your essential guide to 108 unique treasures on the North American continent and the Hawaiian Islands. Unlock the mystery behind Mesa Verde, Devils Tower, Effigy Mounds, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Blythe Intaglios, Denali, Kilauea, Majorville Medicine Wheel, Waubansee Stone, Waipio Valley, Hochelaga, Sainte-Anne De BeauprÈ, Walden Pond, Americaís Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Sedona Vortices, Assateague Island, Cahokia Mounds, Serpent Mound, Chaco Canyon and many more. Includes motorist directions and 30 maps.
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