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Betsey Lewis presents new stories of American Indians who have been abducted by malevolent Reptilians and the benevolent giant Blue Men who have saved their lives. More abduction stories involve a variety of extraterrestrials—Grays, the Elders who looked like cloned humans, and Insectoids. Some are benevolent and so have a dark agenda to genetically alter humans for control. Discover how the U.S. military colludes with the eight-foot Reptilians for their advanced technology. One well-known portal, known to local Native Americans, exists at Skinwalker Ranch in Southeast Utah, currently owned by Brandon Fugal, where cattle have been mutilated, UFO orbs enter and exit the Mesa, and Skinwalker Ranch test rockets vanish above the infamous triangle area. Stargates are also located on planets throughout the universe. ETs have massive bases beneath our deepest oceans and bases deep underground, used for hybridization and genetic experiments used on thousands of human victims.  In a disturbing story, Leland, a Native American, watched spaceships land on his reservation ranch one night as late-model black cars were lowered to the ground. Human-looking clones got into the cars and when the car returned the next night, only the driver returned. Leland sensed they were being taken to bus terminals, airports, and cities throughout the United States—any place where they could live undetected. He said his ranch is a “drop-off center.” No one would know they were different-looking humans in the big cities. “They look like humans, but they’re not humans,” he said. Lewis theorizes that thousands of cloned humans have been dumped in major cities in the past twenty years or so, programmed to create chaos, hate, and violent protests that we are seeing throughout the United States and Europe. It’s all part of the plan to control humans.

ABDUCTED: True Stories of Humans Kidnapped by Aliens By Betsey Lewis. 285 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. References.

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