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Dangerous forces exist in Alaska's Deadly Triangle where more disappearances have take place that the Burmuda Triangle. It is one of the most mysterious regions on Earth. Since the 1950s, more than 16,000 people have vanished without a trace across Alaska’s remote wilderness including airplane passengers, hikers, locals, and tourists. Could Alaska’s Deadly Triangle be a dimensional Stargate portal responsible for the disappearances? Paranormal Investigator Betsey Lewis says Yes! Stargates exist worldwide and on other planets in our Solar System. Chapters on: lake monsters, cattle mutilations, missing airplanes, thousands and thousands of missing people, ghost ships, haunted hotels and buildings, extraterrestrials and UFO encounters, cryptids, Dimensional Portals, and the existence of the Dark Pyramid hidden inside a remote mountain where military and extraterrestrials conduct genetic experiments on humans according to a man who worked inside the black stone pyramid. Read about undersea ET bases off the coast of Alaska where military seems to be aware of their activities. The evidence of bizarre phenomena taking place in Alaska and throughout the world can be found inside this groundbreaking book.  Read about the legendary sasquatch creature, the reptilian and gray aliens and their agenda, and other chilling phenomena in Alaska.

ALASKA'S DEADLY TRIANGLE by Betsey Lewis. 6x9 Paperback. 202 Pages. Illustrated. Bibliography.

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