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The greatest dragon stories from the depths of tradition, and from dragon-fearing countries all around the globe, are presented in a magnificently illustrated collectible edition. To complete the quest for fully formed dragons, the myths are illustrated with a compendium of the most magnificent paintings from history, which show how the mere mention of dragons has inspired creativity in so many cultures. This is not merely a collection of dragon stories but a historical treasure trove of the finest dragon paintings, engravings, maps, sculptures, architecture, ornaments and jewels: the visual feast that any mythology adventurer would expect to find at the end of their dragon quest. Chapters include: Eastern Dragon Mythology; Urashima and the Dragon Kings; Indra, Slayer of Vritra; Ra, Set and Apep; Baal and Yamm; Marduk, Tiamat and the Creation of the World; Western Dragon Mythology; Zeus and Typhon; Apollo and Python; Cadmus and Jason; St. Michael; Perseus and Andromeda; St. George and the Dragon; Saints and Dragons; Sigurd and Fafnir; Thor and Midgard Serpent; Beowulf; Frotho, Fridlevus and the Island Dragons; The Red Dragon of Wales; more. Published at $29.95. Our price only $18.95! All color. Imported from Britain.

DRAGONS: MYTH & LEGEND By Jonathan Evans. 192 Pages. 8x10 Hardback. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index.

Price: $18.95
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