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Even though dozens of top Nazi scientists were persuaded to switch their allegiance to the United States (or other Allied nations) through Operation Paperclip at the end of World War II, many innovators continued working under their original allegiance to the Third Reich. Operating from secret bases in Norway, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Antarctica and South America, these scientists developed astonishing technologies and a postwar Nazi power structure called the “Dritte Macht” or Third Power. Stevens painstakingly provides the details, function and location, of several of these bases while revealing the underlying technologies being developed—they are interrelated in unexpected ways, and Stevens’ fluency in German aids in his being able to present brand new evidence from documents and testaments translated by him for the first time. Stevens details how Hans Kammler survived the war, and set up shop in Prague. Together with Otto Skorzeny and his South American group and Reinhard Gehlen and his crew in Munich, Kammler lifted the “Nazi International” into the Third Power, an information-based organization integral to the functioning of the Cold War. The organization sold information to both the East and the West, with only its own self-interest ultimately being served. Stevens uses his extensive technical expertise to analyze, integrate and explain the high tech developments coming out in this postwar Nazi world. He makes new discoveries concerning death rays and communications devices, and their underlying connection to Tesla technologies. Fantastic U-boats with unconventional propulsion systems are explained, as are the field propulsion German flying discs, including the Schauberger, Vril and Haunebu saucers. Their technical history and physics in terms of levitation are discussed for the first time. The discussion culminates with the famous experimental Bell, and shows how all these technologies are tied together with a common method at their core. Chapters include: German Secret Bases; Norway; Greenland; The Last Battalion; Fuerteventura; Electric Schauberger; South America and Otto Skorzeny; The Third Power; Molecular Bomb; Fantastic U-Boats; Like Water-Propulsion Only Better?; Tesla's Self-Acting Engine, Part One; U-530; Tesla's Self-Acting Engine, Two?; Zusammenfassung—Putting It All Together; Haunebu; Mamas, Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Bell-Boys; The Third Power in Practice;  tons more.

DARK STAR By Henry Stevens. 380 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. References.

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