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Join revisionist author Joseph P. Farrell for a summary, revision, and update of his original Giza Death Star trilogy in this one-volume compendium of the argument, the physics, and the all-important ancient texts, from the Edfu Temple texts to the Lugal-e and the Enuma Elish that he believes may have made the Great Pyramid a tremendously powerful weapon of mass destruction. Those texts, Farrell argues, provide the clues to the powerful physics of longitudinal waves in the medium that only began to be unlocked centuries later by Sir Isaac Newton and his well-known studies of the Great Pyramid, and even later by Nikola Tesla's “electro-acoustic” experiments. Chapters and sections include: A Remarkable, and Remarkably Strange, Structure; The Hypothesized Functions of the Great Pyramid’s Topological-Analogical Code of Ancient Texts; Greaves, Gravity, and Newton; Meta-Materials, Crystals, and Torsion; The Top Secret Cold War Soviet Pyramid Research, and much, much more!

THE GIZA DEATH STAR REVISITED: An Updated Revision of the Weapon Hypothesis of the Great Pyramid By Joseph P. Farrell. 348 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography.

Price: $19.95
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