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Why do nearly all the world’s major religions share similar myths and legends? Whether it’s the Old Testament, ancient legends, or the creation myths of New Zealand’s natives, you come across similar stories everywhere. Erich von Daniken, author of the international bestseller Chariots of the Gods, believes he knows the answer—and it is as wondrous and awe-inspiring as it is controversial: The winged angels populating the Bible, the Koran, and other religious texts from cultures the world over were, in reality, extraterrestrials who visited the Earth in ages long past.  Who were the gods of ancient lore? How can the contradictions in the Bible be explained? Why are the pagodas of Myanmar (formerly Burma) so amazingly similar to space-capable rockets? Erich von Daniken provides convincing new and surprising interpretations and answers that fundamentally contradict both the teachings of religion and current science. His astonishing conclusion: The gods were not metaphysical beings that humans created in their imagination, but extraterrestrial intelligences that have left their traces all over the Earth. He offers persuasive evidence that actual living beings inspired the legends that became the basis for many of our religious traditions. Chapters include: A Different Kind of R.E. Lesson; Lies Surrounding the Fatima Event; Entire Forests of Stupas; Weapons of the Gods; more.

THE GODS WERE ASTRONAUTS: The Extraterrestrial Identity of the Old Gods Revealed By Erich von Daniken. 282 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index.

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