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Dr. Richard Sauder's book HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT is an explosive, eye-opening sequel to his best-selling Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? In these pages, Dr. Sauder asks, and often answers, such questions as: Where are the secret underground bases? How far down do they go? What leaks are coming from the classified world? What has the U.S. Navy planned for beneath the ocean floor? Are there bases beneath the ocean? What's going on beneath Washington, D.C.? Are there high-speed, underground maglev systems? What is the connection with UFOs and the alien question? This is a book that truly goes where no other book has gone before. Chapters include: Where Are the Bases?; The Underground Base at China Lake, California; Deep Beneath White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico; Underground Maglev Shuttles?; Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains; Secret Bases in the National Forests in California?; Underwater Base in the Gulf of Mexico?; Secret Tunnels Beneath Washington, D.C.; Salt Mine Below Detroit, Michigan; SubTropolis Under Kansas City, Missouri; Secret Tunnels Underlie Tokyo; Pentagon Pneumatic Tube to Dulles Airport; What's Under the Vice-Presidential Mansion?; Deep Underground Command Center (DUCC); Liquid Breathing; US Navy Underwater Construction Teams; Undersea Submarine Tunnels; Domed Undersea Cities?; Alien Bodies Kept Underground in California?; Is Something Hidden Deep Beneath the North Sea?; tons more. 

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: Beyond the X-Files By Richard Sauder, Ph.D.  228 pages. 5x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index.

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