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Get the book THE HOLLOW EARTH By Dr. Raymond Bernard with introduction by David Hatcher ChildressThis classic of 50s & 60s weird UFO literature touches on UFOs from Antarctica, free energy, tunnels in South America, government cover-ups and, of course, the notion that the earth is hollow. Dr. Bernard believes that in the hollow interior of the Earth lives a super-race which wants noting to do with man on the surface. With a lively introduction by David Hatcher Childress, who explains much of the unexplainable in Dr. Bernard’s bizarre book. Plus the RETRO-DRIVE-IN SCI-FI DOUBLE-FEATURE DVD: Flight to Mars and The Phantom Planet Plus Trailers such as Angus Lyne’s Electromagnetic Flight and You. In FLIGHT TO MARS (1951) we take an early trip to Mars, where we find strange pyramid buildings and an advanced civilization. The entrances to the underground world on Mars are small pyramids but unless the Martians can re-colonize on Earth, their civilization is doomed. In PHANTOM PLANET (1961), astronauts from a base on the Moon crash-land on an asteroid that is really the self-contained planet “Rheton” which has the ability to move in and out of galaxies to escape their enemies. The astronauts are shrunk to a mere six inches tall and are held captive by a race of miniature people who are under attack by a mysterious legion of aliens. A fun Sci-Fi extravaganza, complete with hideous aliens, bases on the Moon, hollow planets and out-of-this-world excitement! See how an American base on the Moon operates as they penetrate the secrets of the hollow asteroids! Digitally re-mastered with superior soundtrack.

The Retro Drive-In Sci-Fi DVD with the book THE HOLLOW EARTH By Dr. Raymond Bernard. 288 Pages. 5x9 Paperback with 2-Hour DVD in box.

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