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At the end of the Inca empire, the realm was embroiled in a civil war between two heirs apparent, brothers Huascar and Atahualpa. Atahualpa emerged victorious, but was taken captive by the Spanish. Although an immense ransom was paid (literally rooms full of silver and gold), the Spanish had him executed. This show of greed and treachery prompted many of the remaining Incas to gather their treasures and spirit them off deep into the jungle. The location of this legendary city of gold has been sought for centuries. In this book, French explorer and anthropologist Thierry Jamin relates findings from his years in Peru in search of the lost city of Paititi, including satellite mapping and expeditions into the eastern jungles.  Jamin was also intimately involved in the research into the origins and nature of strange relics and mummies appearing on the scene in Peru in 2016. Over the years, several of these mummified remains were brought forward, reportedly found in a large underground complex beneath the deserts of Nazca. Jamin and his Inkari Institute secured several specimens for examination and testing by experts, including X-ray imaging, HD scanning and chemical testing. Incredibly, some of these three-fingered and three-toed mummies with the strange heads and eyes seem to have eggs inside of them; apparently they are egg-laying creatures, rather than human beings. Through tests, lies and intrigue, Jamin attempts to get to the truth behind these amazing artifacts. Chapters include: On the Path of Adventure; On the Tracks of the Lost City of the Incas; Machu Picchu and the Mystery of the Secret Room; The Strange Square Mountain; Where It All Begins; In the Footsteps of “Mario”; Summit Meeting; Strange Relics; The New B.E.; A Mysterious Man in Black; Three Eggs!; The Incredible Hybrid; First Results… and New B.E.; The Lima Conference; The Real False Site; The “Familia”; Analysis and Pressure on All Sides!; The Final Proof; The Starchild; Transfer of the Mummies; The Ica Conference; The Flight Over the Gran Paititi; The Case of Nazca Continues; more. Includes an 8-page color photo section. 

LOST PAITITI AND THE NON-HUMAN REMAINS OF NAZCA By Thierry Jamin. 272 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. References.

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