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Ships and planes have disappeared in their coordinates. While many may know about the Bermuda Triangle, many do not realize that an equally fearsome triangle lies further north, in the Great Lakes. Historians and scientists explore the mysteries of the Devil's Triangles around the world.

Learn about the mysterious triangle lurking in the Great Lakes.
Eyewitnesses share accounts of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.
What explanation can there be for these phenomenons? The Bermuda Triangle has long been a place of lore. Ships and planes alike have disappeared while traveling through its coordinates. However, an equally dangerous triangle may lurk further north. In the Great Lakes, there is a triangle that claimed the Edmund Fitzgerald and other vessels. Historians, scientists, and eyewitnesses discuss these two mysterious areas. Hear from air traffic controllers at work when five airplanes on a routine training mission vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. Relatives of the crew on the Edmund Fitzgerald share their feelings on the recovery of the ship's bell. Experts of all kinds query as to what could possibly causes these wrecks and disappearances. Their theories range from the fantastic to the surprisingly simple. Is there an explanation? Does anyone dare to travel through these dangerous places? Are they vortex areas on the energy grid that surrounds the planet?

Mysteries of the Devil's Triangles. 50 minutes. DVD  in Box.

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