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India in the Americas? Did the ancient Buddhists, Hindus and Jains transfere cultural influences into Mesoamerica? Were the Maya also in India? Who were the Mandaeans and were they among the enablers and traders who influenced the Maya? Pacal's Slab influenced from India ? THE MAYAN CALENDAR-Origins in India ? INDIA & MEXICO-Triple-headed Deities INDIA & MEXICO - Flying Deities - Sacred Knots According to Kearsley, there is a definite connection! *SOME ICONOGRAPHICAL AND MYTH CATEGORIES -- *BELTS/TROPHY HEADS -- *BLUE GODS -- *CALENDRICAL CYCLES -- *CEREMONIAL BARS -- *CHINESE MOTIFS -- *COCA/TOBACCO -- *COSMIC/SACRED TREES -- *CROCODILE/CAIMAN/MAKARAS -- *PATOLLI/PACHISI -- *SACRED -- *KNOTS/BELTS/GIRDLES -- Packed with over 1200 illustrations, this book is an instant classic that will rock the academic world. Chapters include Climatic Causes of Early Migrations; Myths and Legends of the Kwakiutl; Mariners, Missions, Traders and Sea Voyages; Myths and Legends of Migration; Tula -- Bearded Gods and Monoliths; The Mysterious Zapotecs of Oaxaca; The Maya and the Pacific; Mayan Collapse? or a Return to the Land of the Ancestors; Indonesia and Cultural Diffusion; Architectural and Iconographical References Originating From India Found Among the Maya; Calendrical Rounds; Spider Deities and Star Demons; Sky Pillars; The Cosmic Tree-Megalithics and Monoliths to Planted Pillars; Pauahtuns -- Sons of the Wind -- Sacred Symbols of the Mariner Gods; The Turban --The Mariners Crown; Symbol of Authority -- the Vajra/Dorje/Trident; Giants and Wind Gods; The Mandaeans; Reed Bundles of the Mayan, Aztec and in Asia; The Realm of the of the Peacock Angel and the Red-Haired Mandaeans; tons more. Imported from Britain.
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