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Mathematician and theologist Bonnie Gaunt's study on the Sacred Geometry of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Bonnie claims that Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid are not only modern man's tangible link with antiquity, they are, in fact, a window through which can be found the secrets of the universe and the origins of creation. Through architecture, mathematics, geometry and the ancient science of "measuring," man can know the secrets of the Universe as encoded in these ancient structures. This is a fascinating study of the geometry and mathematics encompassed in these amazing structures as well as the prophecy beliefs surrounding the inner chambers of the Great Pyramid, the gematria of the Bible and how this translates into numbers which are also encoded within these structures. Interest is high in ancient Egypt at the moment, with attention focused on how old the Sphinx and Great Pyramid really are. Additionally, the current Crop-Circle phenomena is centered around Stonehenge.

STONEHENGE AND THE GREAT PYRAMID By Bonnie Gaunt. 216 pages. 5x9 Paperback. Illustrated, Bibliography.

Price: $14.95
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