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From the author of the controversial and best-selling book THE CHRIST CONSPIRACY: THE GREATEST STORY EVER SOLD comes this electrifying journey into the origins and meaning of the world's religions and popular gods. Over the past several centuries, the Big Three spiritual leaders have been the Lords Christ, Krishna and Buddha, whose stories and teachings are so remarkably similar as to confound and amaze those who encounter them. As classically educated archaeologist, historian, mythologist and linguist Acharya S thoroughly reveals, these striking parallels exist not because these godmen were historical personages who --walked the earth-- but because they are personifications of the central focus of the famous and scandalous MYSTERIES. These mysteries date back thousands of years and are found globally, reflecting an ancient tradition steeped in awe and intrigue. The tale of a miraculously born redeemer who overcame heroic challenges, taught ethics and morality, performed marvels and wonders, and was persecuted, killed and resurrected, is not unique but found numerous times in a wide variety of cultures long before the Christian era. In unveiling the reasons for this highly significant development, multifaceted scholar Acharya S presents an in-depth analysis that includes fascinating and original research based on evidence both modern and ancient, captivating information kept secret and hidden for ages.

SUNS OF GOD: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, by Acharya S. 428 pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated, bibliography, and index.

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