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WORLD EXPLORER 53, Vol. 6, No. 8
WORLD EXPLORER 53, Vol. 6, No. 8


Contents Includes:

THE MYSTERY OF BADA VALLEY & THE PLAIN OF JARS By David Hatcher Childress & Jennifer Bolm Childress and Bolm describe their trip to remote Bada Valley deep in the jungles of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The strange megalithic jars there are similar to those on a remote plateau in Laos. 

NATIVE AMERICAN LINKS TO PACIFIC ISLANDS By Gary David Author and historian Gary David looks at the Hopi “myth” of the Red City and the possibility that it was Nan Madol, the megalithic city built on man-made islands on the Pacific Island of Pohnpei. Did the Hopi’s migrate across the Pacific Ocean in reed boats? 

SUPER-TECHNOLOGY IN ANCIENT EGYPT By Christopher Dunn British engineer, author and machinist Christopher Dunn explains his theories on the megalithic quarrying that was done at the Egyptian site of Aswan, where an unfinished obelisk gives us tell-tale secrets of how advanced machinery was probably used by those involved in this massive engineering project of ancient times.

 Plus News Round-Up, Crypto Corner, Prof. Wexler, WEX Remembers and more!  Free Shipping in the USA!

WORLD EXPLORER 53, VOLUME 6, NUMBER 8. 80 Pages. 8x11. All Color. Professor Wexler, Classifieds, WEX Remembers, Advertising, more.


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