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WORLD EXPLORER 37 Vol. 5. No. 1
WORLD EXPLORER 37 Vol. 5. No. 1

World Explorer 37, Vol. 5, No. 1.

Table of Contents

Blue Blaze and the Search for the Crystal Skulls By David Hatcher Childress:
Was there a secret collection of crystal skulls kept by the Mexican President Porfirio Diaz? The exciting cast of characters in this quest for crystal skulls includes journalist Ambrose Bierce, revolutionary Pancho Villa, adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, archeologist Thomas Gann, heiress Lady Richmond Brown, “Girl Friday” Jane Harvey Houlson and more.
Thunderclouds Over Palatki By Gary A. David:  Why does there appear to be an ancient Hindu OM symbol in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona? Were the ancient Hindus visitors to the region? Did the Hopis have contact with them? What else would explain similarities in concepts and language? Southwest author Gary David presents the evidence and shares his views.

Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed By Wayne H. Purdin: Researcher Purdin provides a cogent overview of the history of sun worship, from its ancient, pure beginnings through the mystery schools and secret societies charged with protecting its basic tenets through times of distortion and corruption, right up to the philosophy and practices of its proponents today. Quoting obscure and sometimes suppressed sources, Purdin fleshes out the foundation for true sun worship—it’s probably not what you thought. He also provides a scientific basis for how the older-than-time practices of sungazing and intoning chants actually produce changes in the human body.

Plus News Round Up, Cryptocorner, WEX Remembers, Professor Wexler and more! Free Shipping in the USA!

World Explorer 37, Vol. 5, No. 1. 72 pages, 8x11. All Color. Professor Wexler, Classifieds, WEX Remembers, Advertising, more.

Price: $8.95
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