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Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as what has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the possibility that the evolutionary scientific explanation for mankind has ignored critical facts that are buried deep within fossils and mankind's DNA. Consider the possibility that the religious stories that have often been the core basis for mankind's understanding of where it belongs in the history of creation may actually reveal a planet occupied by tyrannical giants and an elite, highly intelligent race bent on genetic mutation. With his well-documented style and breathtaking conclusions, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell pulls back the veil and takes the reader on an odyssey behind the mysterious history and myths of the human race. Chapters include: An Anthology of Anomalies, Elites and Agendas; The Cuneiform Tablets and an Out-of-Place Name for God; Hupfeld’s “Copernican Revolution”; “Marduk Remeasured the Structure of the Deep”: The Megalithic Yard and the Sumerian Reform; The Oracular Technologies of Revelation: Mind Manipulators, Torsion Temples and Religion Revealers; The Genome Wars: Modern and Mesopotamian; The Potentialities of Genetic Engineering; The Anunnaki and the Engineering of Man; Giants and the “Archaeology Conspiracy”; The Return of the Sirrush: Greeks, Indians, Giants and Monsters; The Gigantomachy, or The War Against the Giants; The Griffin; The Age and War of the Giants and Monsters; Genetic Clans, Archaeological Anomalies, Evolutionary Enigmas and Speculative Solutions; Mitochondrial Eve and Her Seven European Daughters; Early Attempts to Distinguish Racial Groups by Blood-Typing; The Basques, Rh Positive and Rh Negative Blood, and “The Problem of Europe”; Mitochondrial DNA and the Y Chromosome; The Seven Mothers of Europe and Their Clans; Evolutionary Chronology of the Origins of Man; tons more.

GENES, GIANTS, MONSTERS AND MEN: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda By Joseph P. Farrell. 304 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated.

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