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Michaels runs down the many stories of giants around the world and testifies to the reality of their existence in the past. Chapters and subchapters on: Giants in the Bible; Extrabiblical Sources; The Book of Enoch; The Kebra Nagast; The Book of Giants; The Book of Moses; Apocryphal Texts; Mesoamerican & South American Stories; Tales from the Maya; Stories from the South Pacific; New Zealand; Hawaiian Giants; Giants of Ancient America; The Stonish Giants; Mescalero Tales; The Nahullo; Mastodons, Mammoths & Mound Builders; Pawnee Giants; The Si-Te-Cah; Tsul ‘Kalu; Native Legends: Giants or Bigfoot?; Greek Mythology; Primordial Giants; The Titans & Olympians; The Hyperboreans; European Myths; The Giants of Britain & Ireland; Norse Giants; Myths from the Indian Subcontinent; Daityas, Rakshasas, & More; Jainism: Giants & Inconceivable Lifespans; It All Goes Back to Sumer; Ullikummi; The Conquistadors Meet the Sons of Anak; Hernando de Soto; Cabeza de Vaca; Vázquez de Coronado; Other Spanish Explorers; More New World Encounters; Amerigo Vespucci and the Island of the Giants; Jean Ribault; Captain John Smith; The Bigfeet & The Long Ears; Easter Island; Ancient America: We Have it All Wrong; The Allegewi & The Adena; The Seri; Cliff-Dwelling Giants; The Giants of the Channel Islands; The Wa-gas & Ancient Giants; Putting it All Together; The Builders; Strange Tablets & Other Artifacts; Where is the Evidence?; Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say Yes!; more. Tons of illustrations with an 8-page color section. July Publication. Pre-Order Now!

GIANTS: MEN OF RENOWN By Denver Michaels. 320 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Color Section. Bibliography.

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