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In ONE MILLION BC (1940) Victor Mature plays a rough cave man named Tumak who is banished from his tribe and cast, unconscious, into a river. Carole Landis plays Loana, a beautiful cave girl from the more civilized Shell people, who discovers him and falls in love. Tumak is banished once again–only this time Loana, is willingly at his side. Together they survive a number of deadly prehistoric animals–on their quest to find Tumak’s home. In WILD WOMEN OF WONGO (1958) filmed at the mysterious Coral Castle in Florida, on the (fictional) island of Wongo Mother Nature has created a tribe where the men are brutish and ugly and the women are beautiful. She then creates a tribe on a nearby island where the women are repulsive and the men are strong and handsome. For years the two tribes lived unaware of each other’s existence, until ape-men cross the water to attack the village of handsome men. This tribe sends their king’s son to seek help against the invaders. The women now desire these handsome men, but the brutes grow jealous and plan a sacrifice to their crocodile god. Can the Wild Women of Wongo save the handsome men and make them their mates? Digitally re-mastered with superior soundtrack.

RETRO DRIVE-IN CAVE WOMEN DOUBLE-FEATURE: One Million BC and Wild Women of Wongo Plus Trailers. 146 Minutes. DVD in Box. Extras.

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