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Get these three great Cave Woman Double Features in this web special. You get ONE MILLION BC (1940) Victor Mature plays a rough cave man named Tumak who is banished from his tribe and cast, unconscious, into a river. Carole Landis plays Loana, a beautiful cave girl from the more civilized Shell people, who discovers him and falls in love. Tumak is banished once again–only this time Loana, is willingly at his side. Together they survive a number of deadly prehistoric animals–on their quest to find Tumak’s home. In WILD WOMEN OF WONGO (1958) filmed at the mysterious Coral Castle in Florida, on the (fictional) island of Wongo Mother Nature has created a tribe where the men are brutish and ugly and the women are beautiful. She then creates a tribe on a nearby island where the women are repulsive and the men are strong and handsome. For years the two tribes lived unaware of each other’s existence, until ape-men cross the water to attack the village of handsome men. This tribe sends their king’s son to seek help against the invaders. The women now desire these handsome men, but the brutes grow jealous and plan a sacrifice to their crocodile god. Can the Wild Women of Wongo save the handsome men and make them their mates?

In JUNGLE QUEEN (1945), condensed from its 13 original chapters, it is discovered that Nazis are trying to arouse the tribes of the middle jungle in Africa to revolt against the British. Americans Bob Elliott (Edward Norris) and Chuck Kelly (Eddie Quillan) arrive to help the British agents. Beautiful Lothel (Ruth Roman), the mystical and mysterious Queen of the Jungle, appears (and disappears) always in the nick of time to save them. Nazi chiefs, posing as scientists are trying to gain influence over some of the tribesman. A Secret Sword is the key to the ruler of the jungles, and the holder of this secret is sought by both the British and the Nazis. NABONGA (1944), starring Buster Crabbe with Julie London in her first film role, is the story of young Ray Gorman who travels to Africa to try to track down the money embezzled from his father’s bank years earlier. After a long trek through the jungle Gorman finds the money in the care of beautiful ‘white witch’ Doreen, daughter of the now long-dead embezzler. Gorman finds his goal difficult to accomplish as not only does Doreen, guarded by a huge, ferocious gorilla, not want to give up the money, but greedy guide Carl Hurst has followed Gorman’s trail, intent on getting the money himself by any means necessary. New digital transfer and superior soundtrack.

THE LOST WORLD (1925) starring Wallace Beery with Bessie Love and Lloyd Hughes starts with Professor Challenger facing a skeptical press corps when he asserts that giant dinosaurs are alive and flourishing in the farthest depths of the Amazon. Newspaper reporter Edward Malone learns that this claim originates from a diary given to him by fellow explorer Maple White’s daughter, Paula. Malone’s paper funds an expedition to South America to rescue Maple White, who has been marooned at the top of a high plateau. Joined by renowned hunter John Roxton, the group goes to South America, where they do indeed find a plateau inhabited by prehistoric creatures. This is a great silent feature, with enhanced musical soundtrack and other enhanced digital features, including the rich sepia-tone color. In LOST CONTINENT (1951) with Cesar Romero we have Major Joe Nolan (Cesar Romero) as the head of a mission to an uncharted part of the South Pacific to retrieve an atomic rocket that went off course and vanished. Their search plane then crashes on a remote tropical island with towering cliffs and volcanoes. They find a lone native girl, Acquanetta (Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, 1946), who indicates something fell from the sky onto a forbidding plateau that dominates part of the island. The party reaches the top despite numerous obstacles and deaths. At the top, they discover a lush jungle inhabited by dinosaurs. They have found a lost world of prehistoric dinosaurs and vast radioactive uranium fields, so powerful that they cause rockets and planes to go off course. Trailers, commercials and more in this Retro Drive-In Extravaganza!

 RETRO DRIVE-IN CAVE WOMEN 3-DVD SET: 3 DVDs in 3 Boxes. Trailers, Commercials, Extras.

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