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Investigating the secret societies, spies, classified projects, cults, and pacts that controlled the destinies of nations and empires, this historical exposé reveals the conspiracies that have changed the course of history. These true accounts of espionage and secret organizations show the details necessary to paint a complete picture of the past. Conspiracies, Secret Societies and Cults; Emperors and assassins—The dirty dealing that made Rome an Empire; The Assassins of Persia; Secret dealings of the papacy; Freemasons, Rosicrucians and the Illuminati; The CIA, the Gehlen Org and West German intelligence; From P2 to Opus Dei; Right-wing conspiracies at the heart of the Catholic Church?; Who shot JFK?; The Bilderberg group; Espionage and the Rise of Rome; Spies of Napoleon vs spies of Wellington; Enigma and the Ultra secret; The Iran–Contra affair; Secret treaties and the Louisiana Purchase; Bismarck and the secret history of German Unification; Ruses and Deception; The Trojan Horse; The conquest of Monaco; The Hail Mary Play and the invasion of Kuwait;  The Iraq War and the WMD that never were;  Secret Rulers; Alexander the Great’s strange pilgrimage; Livia, First Lady of Rome; The Pornocracy; Going incognito –Undercover rulers; Secret Projects; Archimedes and the defense of Syracuse; The lost secret of Byzantium–Greek fire; Captain Cook’s secret search for the Southern Continent; Radar–The technology that won the war; The Manhattan Project; Operation Paperclip; tons more. Imported from Britain. Published at $17.95, our price only $9.95! 

SECRET HISTORY: Hidden Forces that Shaped the Past By Joel Levy. 256 pages. 5x8 Paperback. References. Index.

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