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Since the dawn of history, the bat has symbolized the transitional stages of life, the eternal hope of rebirth, emergence from the womb, and the ability to penetrate the darkness.  The White Bat—The Alchemy of Writing is the story of one of Peter Moon’s most mysterious adventures in synchronicity that began with his dream in 1989 of seeing a white bat in Transylvania, long before he had ever thought about going to that country or had become involved with time travel scientists such as Preston Nichols and David Anderson.  Told in a personal narrative, this book synthesizes the dream process with the creative process and teaches you to do the same as it integrates the emergence of ancient texts with the remarkable discoveries of a holographic chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx, the legacy of the Tomb of Bastet in Bulgaria, and the tunnels of pure gold beneath Sarmizegetusa in Transylvania.  Upon his arrival in Transylvania in 2103 and twenty-four years after his original dream, Peter learns that a white bat had suddenly appeared in a cave sacred to the blue goddess Machandi.  This “white bat”—identified as a mascot of this goddess—reveals a remarkable personal story of how the dream state shapes reality as well as the destiny of an entire nation and its new role in the world.

THE WHITE BAT: The Alchemy of Writing By Peter Moon.  222 pages. 5x8 Paperback. Illustrated. References.

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