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While most traditional werewolves are masculine, reflecting the raw aggression and physical power of the alpha male, there is a growing trend to explore the life of the female werewolf. Many of these stories are particularly aimed at and enjoyed by teenagers facing eruptive hormonal issues and associated conflict with authority figures. But is it possible that werewolves are actually a rare species? Cryptozoology, the scientific quest for discovering secretive animals, is on the trail of the wolfman. Some purely factual topics included are Werewolf Syndrome (hypertrichosis) and Lycanthropic Disorder, and the many children apparently raised by wolves. But some people regard the werewolf as a spirit composed of pure energy that can be projected from our minds to visit those we hate -- or love. Fiction writers usually portray werewolves engaged in a fight for survival, a struggle that amplifies their innate savagery. Shapeshifters such as Skinwalkers are discussed along with Shamanic regard for the wolf as a totem animal. In Native American tradition for example, the totem wolf is frequently a teacher, embodying qualities and strengths such as loyalty and perseverance, and is invoked to assure success. Chapters include: Werewolves: The Beast Within; Werewolves & Popular Culture; The She-Wolf; Werewolves: Fact & Folklore; Defense Against the Werewolf; more. Imported from Britain.

WEREWOLVES By Jon Izzard. 192 Pages. 8x9 Paperback. All Color. Bibliography. Index.

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