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This fascinating tome provides 140,000 years of blood-pounding evidence of strange and obsessional behavior. It tells of stories of becoming a werewolf and the intricacies of slaying the beast. A true homage to the creature, it includes full moon of topics such as: Fenrir, the wolf child of the giantess Angrboda and the god Loki, from the Old Norse myth of Ragnarok Notorious serial killers, including Peter Stumpp and Michael Lupo, who thought themselves to be—and modeled their crimes on—werewolves. Coyote people, tricksters, and were-animals of Navajo legend. The Basque butchers of Louisiana and the loup-garou Diana, the goddess of the wilderness and the hunt, and her pack of hunting dogs, who once ruled all the dark forests of Europe. Leopard creature-men and the deadly cult whose members expressed their were-leopard lust for human blood and flesh that has been in existence in West Africa for several hundred years. The “werewolf of the Dordogne.” Francis Leroy, and his uncontrollable bloodlust during the full moon. The secret terrorist group Organization Werewolf, established in 1923, and its possible allegiance to Adolf Hitler. Ghouls from Arabic folklore, the demonic Djinns that hover near burial grounds and sustain themselves on human flesh stolen from graves. Tasmania’s thylacine and sightings of the “probably extinct” creature and its remarkable—and frightening—jaw capacity. Alaska’s Kushtaka and other stories of the Bigfoot man-beast. Puerto Rico’s chupacabra and its powerful goat-like legs, three-clawed feet, and penchant for sucking blood. The Doñas de Fuera of Sicily, small fairies who looked human, aside from their paw-like feet. And many more stories and histories of werewolves, night-stalkers, lycanthropes, and man-beasts!

WEREWOLF STORIES: Shape-Shifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts By Nick Redfern. 416 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Bibliography.

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