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Suitable for those with an interest in our scientific history, this book exposes the scientific theories that were once widely believed to be true but have since been disproved. It shows how the way we view the world, and the way we think the world works, has changed completely throughout history. The chapter "The Origin of the Species: There is a missing link in the evolutionary chain" presents the idea that one's offspring can inherit characteristics from a previous mating of the female parent. Other ideas discussed in the book include that African and Polynesian societies indulged in cannibalism, the plagues of the Middle Ages were bubonic and carried by rats -- fleas, even the earth is a hollow vessel, the bodies of animals contain a life energy that can be influenced by external magnetic forces, and that the human body is made up of four humours -- blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile. Other subjects covered include the Flat Earth, subliminal messaging, how the physical measurements of the skull correlate to a person's personality, a battalion of marching soldiers can cause a suspension bridge to collapse, base metals can be turned into gold, hysteria is the sole preserve of women, tobacco can cure a variety of health problems, and injecting monkeys' glands into humans encourages sexual rejuvenation, and, last, the selective breeding of humans can weed out the weak from society. Published at $16.95, our price $12.95! Published at $16.95, our price $12.95! Imported from Britain.

WHEN THE EARTH WAS FLAT: All the Bits of Science We Got Wrong By Graeme Donald.  Imported from Britain. 191 Pages. 5x8 Hardback. Illustrated. References. Index.

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